The Jewish Kabbalah

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An audio book by Axel Grube
Playing time 78 min.
Speaker - Axel Grube
Audio samples

 Audio sample 1 / The relationship to God
 Audio sample 2 / The problem of transition
 Audio sample 3 / The Merkaba mysticism
 Audio sample 4 / Gnostic motifs
 Audio sample 5 / C? Hassidism in the Rhineland
 Sample 6 / The Kabbalah in Spain

The "taste" of the divine. The Kaballa has its roots in the Torah, but also shows a universal character in its references to Neoplatonism, Gnosis and the mystical currents of the other Abrahamic religions. The basic motif of the Kaballah reveals itself in the deep desire for an immediacy, an experience of the divine. In this taste, each individual is at the center of the world effects. In the feeling of an unbreakable responsibility as well as the complement of salvation in the ›breakthrough‹ to the divine presence, the human being always stands with both feet in life with reference to a moral tenderness (musil).

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