Heinrich von Kleist - The holy Cecilia or the violence of music

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Full text reading by Axel Grube.
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When the second volume of Kleist's stories appeared in August 1811 - including 'Die Heilige Cäcilie or the violence of music' - Wilhelm Grimm wrote a laudatory review in which he emphasized Kleist's 'extraordinary talent'. At the same time, however, he could not avoid adding the following critical remark: 'In general, it is somewhat striking that all the stories go into horror, and a predominant tendency towards gloomy and horror is evident in the choice of material and the treatment.' That it is precisely this hideous and dreadful thing that exerts a very special charm, that it emanates the ambiguity of a 'tremens et fascinans' that still attracts and captivates us today, is also indicated by the fact that Grimm still years later, namely 1817, the pastor friend of Bang Kleist's stories, "which I send especially because of Michel Kohlhaas and St. Cäcilia, in which the wonderful talent of the unfortunate author is right," recommended reading.

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