Friedrich Nietzsche - The Birth of Tragedy

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Full text reading by Axel Grube.
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'That I. began to fabulous about the German essence (.) Today it is an impossible book for me ”, so Nietzsche in his“ attempt at self-criticism ”, the preface to the“ birth of tragedy ”14 years later from the year 1886. And this book actually contains hard-to-bear sections that are. read as a tribute to the great Saxon anti-Romanists and anti-Semites Martin Luther and Richard Wagner, as a reference to the later collapse of humanity in Germany. But soon after the book was published, Nietzsche had become the sharpest critic of this atmosphere and of any national mentality in general. And so today we can direct our attention without reservation and with great profit to the telling questions in this book. 'In this sense, I have the right to see myself as the first tragic philosopher - that is, the extreme opposite and antipode of a pessimistic philosopher . Before me there is no such conversion of the Dionysian into a philosophical pathos: tragic wisdom is missing. ' (Friedrich Nietzsche: Ecce Homo. How one becomes what one is.)

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