Hans Dieter Zimmermann - The emergence of modernity from the spirit of mysticism and rationality

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Softcover, 110 pages, with full text reading by Axel Grube as MP3 download (code in the book)

"If I hadn't read Robert Musil's sentence 'Rationality and mysticism are the poles of our time', I might not have come up with the subject, I might not have dared to tackle the subject. When Musil, whose rank is undisputed, who studied engineering, i.e. was familiar with the rationality of the natural sciences, said such things, one could, yes, had to take them seriously. And he presented no alternative - either rationality or mysticism - he posited both as equal against each other, as complementary forces, just as two poles that hold and complement each other. Through Musil, Hans Dieter Zimmermann found other voices in which a new balance of reason and mysticism appears as a fundamental question of modernity. With reflections on Hugo Ball, Robert Walser, Ludwig Wittgenstein and Franz Kafka, he pursues this question and task, which is still open and perhaps decisive for our time.

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