Sebastian Knöpker - The Sense of Suffering in Mysticism

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Meister Eckhart and Johannes von Kreuz on suffering. 1 CD-A, read by Axel Grube, ISBN 978-3-944891-45-3

According to Meister Eckhart, the fastest animal that takes man to perfection is suffering. At the beginning of Eckhart's mystical path, there is the premonition that there is more to be found in suffering than mere misfortune. A dark pleasure can often be found secretly in suffering in enjoying the liveliness of anger, crying or sadness. Beethoven implemented the pleasure of anger musically, Johann Sebastian Bach the pleasure of being sad (St. Matthew Passion) and crying ("My tears, my sighs"). In everyday life, too, one often pursues old resentments and problems in order to feel alive in anger. Meister Eckhart's suffering without why (sunder why) knows about this selfish suffering, warns against it in the book of divine consolation and takes a completely different path: those who manage to ignore all causes in their emotional pain and suffer for no reason can discover in it the original joy of feeling yourself. This original pleasure, which Nietzsche would speak of as Amor fati a few centuries later, opens up a joy in life because one lives. This very simple and extremely complicated equation is investigated using Meister Eckhart (1260-1328), Johannes Tauler (1300-1361), Katharina von Siena (1347-1380) and Johannes von Kreuz (1542-1591).

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