Hans Jonas - The concept of God after Auschwitz. A Jewish voice

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Full text reading by Axel Grube
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»My myth (radicalized) basically just the idea of ​​the Tzimtzum, this cosmogonic central term, the Lurian Kabbalah. Tzimtzum means contraction, withdrawal, self-restriction. In order to make space for the world, the en-ssof of the beginning, the infinite, had to contract itself into itself and so outside itself let the emptiness, the nothingness arise, in which and from which it could create the world. (...) After he surrendered completely to the developing world, God has nothing more to give: now it is up to man to give him. And he can do this by looking in the ways of his life that it will not happen, and not because of him, that God must repent for the world to come into being. "
(Hans Jonas: Concept of God after Auschwitz)

“We were created to live in Paradise; Paradise was meant to serve us. Our purpose has been changed; that this would have happened with the determination of Paradise is not said. "(Franz Kafka: Aphorisms)

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