Franz Kafka - The judgment and other stories

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Full text reading by Axel Grube.
Playing time: 70 min.
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'In Kafka's story, an original drive for goodness develops, not resentment, but something of the buried childhood passion for goodness; that feeling of excited children's prayers (.) and much for which one can find no other expression than moral tenderness. The demands of what one should do here are made by a conscience that is not driven by ethical principles, but by a subtle, insistent irritability that continually discovers small questions of great importance and questions that are only one for others smooth, indifferent block, makes strange folds visible. ' (Robert Musil) The stories in this audio book: The Bucket Rider, The Spinning Top, A Community of Villains, The Judgment, A Story, Poseidon, For Gentlemen Riders To Think About, Big Noise, It Was Summer ..., The Way Home, The Trip To The Mountains, Coming Home

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