Life - a festival

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An audio drama by Bettie I. Alfred

ISBN 978-3-949899-07-2

Text, direction, sound and technology: Bettie I Alfred
Length: 35: 20 min
Speaker: Bettie I. Alfred, Christoph Theussl
Music box composition at the beginning and end: Bettie I Alfred
Past broadcast dates: November 12, 2018, MDR Kultur, July 21, 2021, WDR3

This radio play is about a man and a woman. A couple maybe? You do not know exactly. They talk to each other and yet they don't talk to each other. They talk against each other and past each other. What do you want from each other? They are together alone. Nothing quite, because there is also a dog. In the event of a possible separation, the question arises: who needs him more? Who can take care of him? who loves him more
The house you're sitting in is shaky, it's standing in the noise. A diffuse world wafts around it. Sometimes something explodes. The mood changes. Everything varies. constantly. There are moments of peace and of great crisis. Together alone and each for himself, one is monotropic in the here and now.
The years pass, everything and nothing happens. You wait for each other. The dog then dead, a murder? ... and yet again nothing.

 Audio sample from: Life – A Festival


From the jury statement of the radio play summer Leipzig:
Dhe Life – A Celebration of Bettie I. Alfred is a radio play that is able to draw you in from the very first moment into the cosmos of its own story, the cabinet of curiosities of the relationship between man and woman. A couple who have gone to the dogs.

A listening event artistically crafted on all levels.
Kai Grehn, radio play maker

Best Long Radio Play – Radio Play Summer, Leipzig  2018

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