Franz Josef Czernin - only the labyrinth invents the red thread.

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introduction to organics
Read by Franz Josef Czernin
Audio samples

 Audio sample: a poem that one leaves, one has never entered
 Audio sample: until the drop falls out of the cloud in such a way that it explains it
 Audio sample: my body is the sign of which i am myself
 Audio sample: as long as I have a brain, my thoughts cannot understand themselves
 Audio sample: we only see the window through the blue sky

A great thought experiment in which sayings and their contradictions, sentences and their opposites show themselves as the extremes of a poetic sense of possibility. The labyrinth of these thoughts unfolds between poetic emphasis and scientifically nourished skepticism, between religion and secularity, between myth and reason. Karl Valentin and Wittgenstein are also paraphrased and sometimes parodied as Nietzsche and Novalis, Hegel and Kant Most recently published: ELSTERN. VERSIONS, poems. Onomato-Verlag, Düsseldorf 2006; ZUR METAPHER, edited together with Thomas Eder, Wilhelm Fink Verlag, Munich 2007; THE SKY IS BLUE. Essays on literature. Urs Engeler Editor. Weil am Rhein 2007; DUST. VESSELS. COLLECTED POEMS. Hanser-Verlag, Vienna - Munich 2008; BILDSATZ, ARTICLES ON FINE ART, edited together with Martin Janda, Dumont Verlag, Cologne 2008

Read by Franz Josef Czernin, 1 CD-A, running time 64 min.

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