Peter Forever

The invisible space — this is the meeting space, communication space, in which art takes place, can take place and is activated as nourishment.
In this space, it is not enough to do something well, to formulate it perfectly, or to provoke taste, to create something contrary to expectation, as in modern art of the past and to this day. 

Disconnected artistic impulses in the fixed unconscious environment become a commodity or a fetish without participation;
Finding something good doesn't get us any further —
to experience it rather.. in it: field thoughts, life.

My work begins in this field: resonant spaces are part of a network of relationships.
Beyond the singular qualitative expression of a placebo (work of art), there is a spatial relationship, being involved;
as participation that everyone can activate themselves.
This space is non-negotiable, remains moveable invisibly.

Peter Forever
specimen, placebo

2-volume catalogue,
22 pages each, color
Format 21 x 15 cm
Price 18 euros
ISBN 978-3-942864-47-3
will be released in August 2022


supported by Kunststiftung NRW
and supported projects by Stiftung Kunstfonds, Bonn

Peter Ewig works on placebos. The two-volume catalog documents  Exhibitions, installations, performances and the photographic work 2019 to 2022. 

For the first time, Ewig's texts and poems have been translated into German and English into a monograph. Theoretical reflections are formulated in the “untitled writings”,  there are biographical connections; a separate language space is established in it, corresponding to his idea of ​​the placebo - a potential qualitative energy within a field in which everything is a test body.

Test body, a term from physics, is based on a force field whose field strength exerts a force on a body. The force depends on the location of the specimen and its charge with respect to this interaction.

Beyond the qualitative characteristics of a singular work, a spatial relationship emerges in Ewig's work. His work provokes self-relationship, activating our own human condition as a reference point in an installative field.

In this regard, Peter Ewig's works never appear to be fully formulated. They have empty spaces and always serve as a projection surface in an installative field.

book excerpt:




Peter Ewig, it seems to me, is interested in faces.
The faces of people. But also the faces of things. [...] 

A face is a side. It's a surface. It's a modality of engagement - 
a positioning, a directionality, a mode of communication.  

But a face is also a coincidence, an accidentality,
an unintended effect and uncontrollable affect. [...]

from: Face to face, Timotheus Vermeulen
Catalog text

PLONGÉE, French for dive, is also a cinematic term for a bird's eye view. The catalog title implies Pole, opens the field in which Peter Ewig's work moves.
The performance Mind Bridge (2015) links a telepathic connection between two people with the museums in which they are located (Zagreb and Düsseldorf).
The Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb becomes the transmitter and the Kunsthalle Düsseldorf the receiver.
This first comprehensive monograph on Peter Ewig's work documents the interaction of video, performance, sculpture and drawing from 2012–2017, with reference points and cross-references to previous works and Ewig's photographic work.

PLONGÉE, French for dive, is a cinematic term for bird's eye view also. The catalog explores the work connecting the private realm and space as defined by art - the reciprocal transition from one to the other, be it from the intimate to the public or from the inner to the outer.
A telepathic connection between two persons intertwined with the two museums, in which they are located - thus the Museum of Contempory Art, Zagreb becomes the transmitter and the Kunsthalle Düsseldorf becomes the recipient (MIND BRIDGE, 2015).
The book suggests the interplay of video, performance, sculpture and drawing from 2012-2017, with references to earlier pieces and Ewigs photographic work.

Catalog release: May 29, 2018, night foyer, Kunsthalle Düsseldorf;
Publishing house presentation with artist talk: June 16, 2018, 19.30 p.m. at onomato ev
2018, Onomato Verlag / Birkenstrasse 97

A special edition will be published, which will include a video and a signed photographic print.
untitled / Plongée, 2018, 1 channel HD video, 02:13
untitled / Plongée, 2018, photographic print / 4 video stills, 40 x 69 cm

Author: Timotheus Vermeulen
Graphics: Andreas Tetzlaff
Image processing: Henning Krause
Language: English
90 pages / 61 color illustrations
Format: 18,5 x 26 cm / ISBN 978-3-944891-66-8

Peter Ewig, untitled sequence shot # 2, 2009 / hd-Video, 2h 20 '39', video stills

Peter Ewig, untitled leader / Ziggurat in my head, 2010

Peter Ewig, MIND BRIDGE, 2015
two-part performance, Museum of Contemporarx Art, Zagreb / ​​Kunsthalle Düsseldorf

Peter Ewig, UNTITLED FORMANTS, 2016, acoustic guitars (bodies)