onomato records

The birth of a publishing house based on the spirit of music

The foundation and development of the publishing house has a musical history: A sound artistic, musical work in the time of the Düsseldorf music culture of the 80s, went into the audio book production.

Above all, however, also in the spoken form, the ›music‹ plays a major role in addition to the intellectual penetration. And finally, it is also essential for the art of remembrance. The musical starting point returns in the concept of ›musicality‹, as a knowledge that determines thinking more deeply, for example in the case of the question of ›ethical musicality‹ and is thus still formative for the entire artistic project. The publishing house was shaped by the sense of a musicality that determines thinking and is also perceptible in reproduction.

Short audio pieces, sounds and short music by keitmentocome and the onomato publishing house.

The sentences are used sparingly and discreetly in the audio books of onomato Verlag.