onomato artist archive

artist archive?

Archive - the term evokes images of the 'dust archive', gray files and filing cabinets.
The idea of ​​an artist archive, which emerged from a group of artists around onomato Verlag, is about the design of a place and forms of an art of remembrance and an open reference culture. A spiritual space emerged, the social sculpture of an open culture of tradition. Cultivation of the conversation, lectures and artist work discussions, a long-term pursuit of topics, including collections, enrichment of found objects and references with mobile elements - these are some forms, as it were, of a cabinet of curiosities of the spirit and the arts.

Reflections from personalities such as Hannah Arendt, Walter Benjamin and Franz Kafka are also fundamental. Reflections on the question of how, after the break and loss of meaning of the canonical traditions in the modern age, the possibility of transmission in an open form is conceivable. In reference, in repetition, variation and transformation, in analogical experience in the network of relationships between contemporary art, poetry, philosophy and the fine arts, a new tradition can come into being.
The form cultivated from 1998 to 2016 currently has no place, but can be brought back to life at any time.

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